Understanding Emotion

Learn about the emotional responses relevant to a given application, whether it’s in drug development, UX design, customer service calls, or business meetings. Learn how to design for emotion. Understand what science can already tell us about the relevance of emotional experience and expression in a given domain, and what questions we still need to ask.

Data Science

Collect, analyze and visualize big data to understand how emotional responses take shape and guide important outcomes. Draw upon cutting edge ideas about emotional experience and expression to learn what we can derive from measurements of emotional expression in a given context. Know what data to gather and how to visualize and interpret results.

Affective Computing

Implement machine learning to solve problems related to emotion. From tracking emotional health and wellbeing to designing video games that respond to our emotions, understand what experiments need to be performed, what data should be gathered, and how to use that data effectively to train machine learning tools that improve our emotional lives.


See for yourself. The future of business has at least 27 feelings, courtesy of SAP:


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